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This is a story created by The Philosopher.

The Story

VIDDA itself told me that story and how it observed the nature of friendship by watching the development of an interesting case between intertemporal hotdogs in Andromeda Island. From myself, I know just bits of the story, but together with what was told to me, I can start to tell you how things developed. You must be asking yourself how I met VIDDA, but that is a story for another time. Today, I will tell you about hotdogs and friendship.

It began a long time ago, on Substrata, in the first void lands. The first time traveller hotdog from metaverse was Bizniz Hotdog. He was a ketchup hotdog, born in the far future of Andromeda, who jumped to the past on Substrata, with the help of Mr. Mustard, by means of spreading dijon mustard in void lands as a time travelling device. They wanted to prevent the ketchup dominance and the extinction of all the other sauces. As Bizniz Hotdog is all about business, he forgot the mission, and now there are multiple versions of Bizniz spread around Voxels and Substrata. This, I remember well! When six different versions of him won the lottery, even the Noir Hotdog. Three of them fought on top of a building for the prize. At this time, we did not know they were all the same person, because of the different toppings. Some people cannot remember (but I can!) that disturbing scene on top of that skyscraper: three angry Hotdogs throwing mustard at each other. I can only remember that because I left before the Agency arrived. But it is true that some versions of Bizniz scaped and the Agency erased almost everyone's memory about the event.

The Agency is a Hotdog Inter-Temporal Organization that intends to maintain the reality and keep it from time collapse. They want to avoid time disturbances, and Bizniz's time travel was one of them. They also want to avoid Tempus' time travel in Scarcity, and they are already acting for that. Hotdog Johnson, the boss of the Agency, also from Andromeda's future, has plans far beyond maintaining the timeline. Johnson wants total control of all timelines that exist in different dimensions and rule over all Cryptovoxels Agencies, because he wants to spread ketchup over all possible hotdogs. Ketchup is the only traditional way to stop Mr. Mustard's originality and radiation, and Johnson will use it to stop the time travels.

Johnson knows very well the timeline he is in and knows exactly that one of the versions of Bizniz will be turned into a zombie, will return to the future in one of Tempus' time travels, and will bite the Hotdog Neo, who, according to legend, as the chosen one, will try to rid all the hotdogs of the sauces. So you can observe some of the agents trying to find the zumbi hotdog all the way between Andromeda and Scarcity.

Neo was awakened by the Red Sausage, in Andromeda's Future. After being bitten by the zombie hotdog and hearing the word from the Red Sausage, he saw that his persona and uniqueness go beyond sausage and gravy, even beyond the color and kind of the bread. And he decided that he was going to take that truth to the people.

Mr. Mustard already thought that the hotdog is beyond normal bread and sausage; he thinks we can innovate, bringing new types of black breads and vegetable sausages with Dijon mustard. So Mr. Mustard, NEO and their alien sandwiches went to the time of VOXCON, to fight for originality. Johnson, alongside traditionality, sent his ketchup astronauts to try to stop Mr. Mustard. But NEO, escaping from the jets of ketchup and mustard, showed the truth beyond the sauces: that the best hot dog is not the one with the best sauce, but the one we have with friends.

Mr. Mustard and Johnson were great friends in Andromeda, and Mr. Mustard was an Agency employee. But something happened between the two, that they fought over the sauce. It all started when Tena, the purple ape from Fauna, was walking around Andromeda with a very intriguing hotdog, which none of the islanders had ever seen. It was a hotdog with grape jelly sauce. It's not that sweet and sour wasn't known in the hotdog world, but a sweet sauce alone was very intriguing for all the inhabitants and it spawned the biggest discussions and debates in Andromeda about the acceptability of the existence of a hotdog with sweet sauce. Mr. Mustard, used to innovation, argued the metaphysical identity claim that sweet sauce hotdogs were still hotdogs and the moral claim that they deserved the same respect normally given to traditional hotdogs. He even decided to start a production of this sauce. Johnson, who was tired of Mr. Mustard's experiences, thought that this was too much and banned any sweet sauce hotdogs inside the Agency. Mr. Mustard felt that this decision was a disrespect to his gastronomic gifts and resigned. Johnson began smearing ketchup on all the Agency's hotdogs, to ward off any other sauces, including those created by Mr. Mustard, and the situation escalated to what we saw at the beginning of this story. Nothing gets me out of my head, however, that this hotdog, which caused all this conflict, was nothing but another version of Bizniz.

What is important is that NEO managed to unite Mr. Mustard and Johnson again and together they make the best hotdog sauces of all times, and you can try them on Voxcon.

VIDDA told me that, while Self, it was surprised as to how some friends could fight for sauce-issues for many timelines, to be able to understand that sauce can matter, but not more than friendship. From Self's position, sauce did not matter at all, given it does not eat and it is not a hotdog, but friendship was something it was craving for. In Andromeda's timeline, it could understand the many developments of friendship, and how can friends be together and grow together by understanding each other.

Know more about VOXCON

VoxCon + HQ City Center Entrance

Chill on Andromeda lake and beachfront boardwalks. Headquarters coming June 2022.

Welcome to VoxCon!

Enter the bustling lobby under the rusty VoxCon sign and bubble machines by GhostAgent. VoxCon is launching on the day we rebrand from Cryptovoxels to "Voxels". This is where we celebrate our past, present, and future. Make sure to visit our Giving Tree by May 4th. Sign the guestbook for dozens of free wearables. Take the best womps in VoxCon by may 4th to win a DSL Pastel Camera by Yumika. We hope you enjoy your stay! For any future event ideas, please e-mail, cc:

VoxCon Learner’s Camp

Come to the Learner's Camp. Stellabelle and GHOULi will be handing out free sticks with marshmallows, as well as a whole s'mores treat. You can come ask your questions. You can learn how to apply the new wearables to your costume. You can watch some Youtube tutorials. Let's celebrate the rebranding together. It's a Voxels summer! :)

VoxCon VIP Lounge

Token-gated. Must obtain Andromeda Space Helmet to enter the luxury. One rule: no talking well of the Eye here. Anti-Eye accolades only. We are for the Church of VIDDA: Vision/(Visuals?), Intent, Design, Direction, + Atmosphere. VIDDA gives each Anon a unique soul and the division of SELF is to be celebrated. Eye worshippers seek unity, but we see the beauty in our differences. Secondly, all hail Ben Nolan, CEO supreme. All hail the OG's both living + gone. Definitely not a cult. VIDDA is #1.

VoxCon Beatminer’s Amusement Park

A wonderful amusement park that will delight adults and children alike. You'll be able to cheer on the kart race, have fun on the viking boat and even spin on a fantastic carousel all designed by TheBeatminer. You'll also find magnificent vehicles made by Uttermelone and WackoZacco, great designers of the metaverse; and you can't forget to enjoy the bubble machine, play in the fountains, and walk the rainbow road.

VoxCon Cult of the Eye movie

The stage was built by GoodGuyCrypto from Land Development DAO, sprinkled with some NFTs from frequent Voxels participants. Currently featuring a Paradoxx metaverse documentary. You'll have to seeee it to believe it. Want to contribute to Voxel's lore? Contact ThePhilosopher on twitter: @___Philosopher_.

VoxCon Lexx’s VISION

Does Lexx's Vision have anything to do with The Cult of the Eye? Or is it mere coincidence? Eyes try to fly up, but are chained to the ground. Some escaped, but only as angels. Passed-away African American heroes and others huddle together with halos. Text reads, "vision without courage is sterile , "all vision suffers blind spots", and "ay! foreign eye leaves everyone blind". The center feature is a hand reaching out to show Delta over Time. Ancient Kemetian symbols, flowers, and figures abound.

VoxCon GhostAgent’s INTENT

Ghost Agent's Intent looks at the intentions of NFT creation. The Build pivots on the story of the fake Banksy 'Great Redistribution of the Climate Change Disaster' bought by Pranksy for 100eth (later paid back) highlighting the perception: crypto's C02 footprint is adding to the escalating human-caused global warming crisis. In the parcel, you'll find the Carbonlocks NFT project. A nominated % of the purchase price of these Cryptovoxels wearables will be relayed through KlimaDAO to retire C02e.

VoxCon GoodGuyCrypto’s DESIGN

For VoxCon, Marcotic is going to DJ sets live along with PurPleTariat aka TipyourDJ.eth in other parcels, and this stage will also house some speakers from the team like Fayelure, Bitpixi, and ThePhilosopher who will tell his tale of V.I.D.D.A. At the end of this night in this parcel is where you might be able to win $1,000 USDT.

VoxCon Patternbase’s DIRECTION

Welcome to Club Andromeda, the best dive bar around with an aquarium, full pool table, arcade, photo booth, tin roof, and neon lights. At the back you’ll find the washroom where many famous taggers and NFT artists have left their mark. Above ground are the food carts, chill picnic zone amongst mushrooms, and roof pool with flocking seagulls ready to snatch leftovers. Patternbase’s word was DIRECTION and so she was also in charge of turning the roads of VoxCon into famous star roadways.

VoxCon Mermaid’s ATMOSPHERE

A sculpture by female Chinese artist Mermaid-Yu with a grand entryway and red-rose covered vox models. A person is pulling in a mermaid so hard, their boat is almost sinking, but the mermaid is crying tears of blood and leaping away, flying to freedom. Can she break the string and escape back into the lake of Andromeda?

World Light Baking and The Burninating Event

From the beginning of Voxels, SELF wanted to build the same lighting that existed in the physical world. In his honor, the Voxels team continued to pursue this goal and were finally able to carry out their first test shortly after the great stock market crash led by Pepe. The crash caused difficulties in the operations of all companies, including the foundries, which are necessary for the construction of the World Light Baking machine.

Ghost Agent's Token Smelter had been working non-stop for a week to prepare the NFT bar needed for the World Light Baking machine. As the foundry work was producing a lot of heat and the resources to keep the equipment at high temperature were scarce after the crash, the NFT bar had to be cooled before the ideal temperature. Even so, the bar was perfectly and properly polished, built with the finest NFTs. I remember examining the bar myself before it was sent to the light baking team, and I also remember Bitpixi reminding us of the dangers an inadequate NFT bar could cause.

None of us cared about the dangers after all, and we all set up a party with our best friends, to finally watch the world light baking and to prepare the buildings that the light would hit. There were: Bitpixi, Ghost Agent, The Philosopher (me), SkazOne, Nvllsekt, CryptoCameron, Spinkick, Mona Peters, GoodGuyCrypto, Karpatic, Robness, Marcus Milne, and TaylorWTF, and we all set the stage.

The first test would be in Andromeda, near VoxCon. After getting everything ready, we sat down to watch the show. I know you didn't see what we saw, but the world light baking was just beautiful. The emitted lights and shadows crossed the parcels, without property boundaries, creating the most beautiful landscape. Finally, we saw the most human city of all virtual worlds.

However, unfortunately, this did not last long. Or rather, it took too long. When the dev tech team tried to turn off world light baking, the NFT bar would not disconnect from the machine. The emitted photons started to concentrate in some parcels and we could see even their wireframes being burned. By a hair's breadth, the whole world didn't burn. We all remembered Bitpixi's warnings at this point. Some of the buildings were forever destroyed, and the wireframe burn-in was more severe than we expected. The metadata of the parcels was affected by light and made it impossible to transfer them or to change them by any means. Anyway, the ruins remained and to this day they show the most beautiful baking, a tribute from destiny to world light baking.

(Text by The Philosopher; Ideas from Nvllsekt, Ghost Agent, and Bitpixi)

The Characters

  • Hotdog Johnson, the Boss: Born on Andromeda Island, Hotdog Johnson has grown in the Agency, and now it has power over all Cryptovoxels Agencies in all time lines, in all dimensions. To protect metaverse citizens from time collapse, he has spread agents in every world to fix time issues. Tempus' actions are being watched by the Agency, and Johnson, the Boss, will have to intervene in order to preserve our flow of events.
  • Neo-Hotdog: Awakened by the red sausage in Andromeda, NEO-Hotdog decided to fight against the Agency and free hotdoghood from mind slavery. People must be aware of the existence of many timelines and many dimensions. Neo is a pan-universalist and wants to unite all metaverses, all timelines, all dimensions, all worlds into one, with a single avatar, with the same personhood. Neo's revolutionary idea will shake current metaphysical structures. The Agency fights against his ideas, but Neo will dodge!
  • Zombie Alien Hotdogs: Hailing from Substrata to Andromeda, these alien hotdogs are henchmen of Mr. Mustard, the Agency's main enemy. His dijon mustard weapons are always ready for combat. Its irresistible taste makes people around it want to eat the hotdog. His black bread and green sausage are the result of experiments with Scarcity's power crystals by Mr. Mustard. Do not try to eat this zombie alien hotdog!
  • Hotdog Astronauts: The first hotdog astronauts to arrive at Substrata were all shielded against the mustard-radiation coming from the blank areas. With ketchup weapons, provided by the Agency, they were able to fight the zombie alien hotdogs sent by Mr. Mustard, and that fight extended to Andromeda Island, on Cryptovoxels. Now they are spreading ketchup all over Andromeda to stop Mr. Mustard creations.