Architect Island

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Architect Island

Architect Island is a Voxels Island with 4 suburbs, with already built parcels, by the most known meta-architects from Voxels. Each property is a signed building, most of them with luxury interior design, ready for your use.

The Story

Architect Island is the most special one in Voxels. SELF until then did not know that there were beings as concerned with the construction of the metaverse as it was, but when it found Alotta Money, he was simply amazed to see a person from the real world building so many things. Its peculiar architecture and generosity caught SELF's attention.

Alotta Money was the first human to build his own island. He had a power, never seen before in Voxels, to summon blocks anywhere in the world. The Architect Island was not generated by artificial intelligence, but was all built by a human, block by block. Money built every island block and texture, designed every waterfront, built every suburban structure.

But summoning enough blocks for an entire island was no easy task for Money. He was extremely exhausted, with a weak avatar, full of lags. Lags increased and SELF knew that probably not even a refresh would do any good. But Money didn't give up and used his last energies to separate the different parts of the island, with a design never seen before, and send a womp to all the meta-architects, calling them to inhabit the island.

After that womp, Alotta Money was frozen in a state of perpetual lag, but the architects responded to his call. Feeling his presence fading, the great master architects of the metaverse, who direct the building styles and bring innovations to the Voxels world gathered on Money's Island to create the buildings of the first humanly created island, in honor of the heroic effort of Money of building the island. Money's own avatar is preserved on the island, which has not aged even a day after being frozen.

SELF was really amazed by all the work that the masters had done in honor of Money and decided to keep all the buildings created there in eternity. Thus, SELF created an aura of protection for the buildings on Money's Island and decided to call it the Architect Island.

Once built, Architect Island was so beautiful that the architects decided to make it their base and home. From there, they can control each island development plan and talk about future actions to protect the world from the advancing lags.

Lags are a threat to all parts of the world and to the void, and it is not known exactly why and how they affect the world. The religious of the Church of VIDDA say that lags are individual, they occur according to each person's life. The Cult of the Eye says that the lags are a result of the original eye itself, existing since before the cult was founded. The master architects, on the other hand, do not seek explanations, but try to stop their progress. They even opened a secret DAO together with the Hackers Guild to protect Voxels from the lags, and to pass on the knowledge of summoning blocks, learned from Alotta Money, taught to the next architects. It is said that Akasha himself is part of this secret DAO.

The wisest people, who lives in Obscurity, at Known suburb, say that lags occur when some intertemporal travel is performed in the world, each time an aspect of the past is modified. If you look closely, you will see that always after a lag, something becomes different. After the last one, an oblivious cyber gnome appeared on the island, accompanied by a talking hot dog. Prior to that, never-before-seen glitch worms on the island devastated a beautiful property on Architect Island.

Lags are difficult and are research material even for SELF. In the last meeting the architects had with SELF, before it disappeared, it talked about researching the ultimate nature of lag and asked the architects to protect the gnome and the hot dog from any danger and not let them leave the island.

VIDDA, in search of SELF, came to the Architect's Island. And he really is willing to solve the mystery of lags and meet its creator face to face. I heard that at least the hot dog knows something... Find the hotdog and start your journey.

The Characters

The Objects