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The Game

This is a mini-game inside 4 collective parks and the central clock on Chronos Island, Voxels. Keep an eye out for signs around you and click on the characters and objects to learn more about the story. To get started, click here (soon).

The Story

Chronos was one of the islands conquered by the Air Faction, from the Scarcity gnomes, before any inhabitant existed there. During the Scarcity War, the leaders were called upon to create Chronos as a solution to the Scarcity's land shortage. The Leaders disagreed upon themselves, but many gnomes stayed in the island. Each of these gnomes, from different factions, established their own space on the island, abandoned their old faction, and they built the Guilds of Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter, according to their interest. These gnomes wanted to escape the War in Scarcity and believed Chronos was the new promised land.

Since its foundation, after the old leaders left, Chronos has always been a harmonious island. All its seasons worked like a fantastic clock, with absolute precision in all activities. The central clock was precisely the ultimate expression of this perfection, and it was built by the entire community, during many years. There the gnomes managed to rebuild their lives and lived well for many decades, developing the most diverse professions.

Spring is covered with flowers and plants everywhere; there are numerous private parks, their inhabitants are the great landscapers of our world, and their houses blend in with the environment. They often gather in Spring Meadows, the district's communal park, to design the buildings of the future. Summer is covered by beaches and all the people are outgoing, colorful and welcoming. Summer Gardens is the garden where its inhabitants have fun together and play the most diverse games, including racing. Winter has many houses with chimneys and fireplaces, and people are more reserved and shy, but also very affectionate and attentive. They build incredible megavoxes and gather in the Winter Fields to burn dolls, celebrate traditions and drink hot chocolate. Autumn is full of dry trees, fashion designers, and underground artists, who transform the surrounding landscape, making the typical autumn transition an aesthetic concept of its own. Autumn Estates' collective galleries are simply stunning. The island is full of culture, fun, nature, affection, and everything perfectly integrated with the natural cycles.

But like all things that are good, Chronos paradise wouldn't last long. Coming from Far Far Away, a human named 0x973... arrived on the island, bringing something called thermoelectric technology. His idea was to burn fuels and biomass to get energy and to be able to continue producing at night. Unlike Scarcity, where the gnomes lived off the energy of the crystals, the gnomes of Chronos lived without electricity, and their central clock worked on the basis of the pendulum, which was constantly adjusted by a communal work. After the development of the thermoelectric plant, the nightlife of Chronos improved, and its inhabitants were able to build new heaters, air conditioners, neon lights, cars, big shows, and they even replaced the central clock with an identical but electric clock. Everything in Chronos became electrically powered. These days, 0x973... isn't even on the island anymore, but his new way of life has remained. And for a long time the inhabitants of Chronos squandered the energy they had, and they produced wealth.

The problem is that the more fossil and thermoelectric energy Chronos used, the more CO2 into the atmosphere was released and the more the seasons became confused and mixed up. Since things are like this, flowers bloom in winter, die in spring, plants lose their leaves in summer, it's crazy... And even the central clock isn't working properly. Its hands keep turning and we can only see the high levels of CO2 increasing even more.

VIDDA met Chronos in this state. It visited the whole island and wanted to fix the central clock. The island was beautiful and promised a pleasant life for those gnomes who had suffered so much from the war. VIDDA knew that the inhabitants of Chronos would not abandon electricity, but it knew of the existence of clean forms of energy. It was no longer possible to bring the already mined crystals from Scarcity - and mining is not clean - but it was possible to use solar energy.

For that, VIDDA would need to convince the gnomes, and that was perhaps the most difficult task. But VIDDA took his solar car - without gas, of course - and won the race that was organized in Summer, thus showing the superiority of photovoltaic cars to fossil energy cars. John, leader of the Summer Gnomes, convinced of this, told VIDDA the location of the solar panels and of Rick, the scientist, the only gnome on the island experienced enough to carry out the panels installation. VIDDA freed Rick from the psychiatric hospital he was in, found the solar panels and the watchmaker, and they all set the clock to the new type of energy.

It was sad that Rick had been admitted. All he wanted was to fix the central clock and install the solar panels. He was given up as a madman after interrupting the most important event in town with his latest attempt. But now, he was returning as the hero of Chronos. All seasons saluted him and carved a POAP in his honor. VIDDA shows us that sometimes the least understood people can give us the best solutions, and that who we despise and lock away is precisely who can save us.

Life in Chronos is now exuberant and in harmony with nature. You can already see that the air is cleaner and cars and electrical objects no longer pollute. However, you can relive the role of VIDDA in this story at this link, from June XXth to June XXth:

Watch the promotional video for the mini-game here:

The Characters

  • The Spring Leaders: Sunshine and Star, Spring Leaders are the best landscapers in town. All communal parks were made by them, as was the choice of trees for each season. They are best friends with the great watchmaker who built the two central clocks. Ever since the leaves on the trees fell last spring, Star and Moon are really worried.
  • The Summer Leaders: Supporters of big beach parties, John and Carla are the main producers of the Summer Race, sponsored by the thermoelectric plant and the Black Oil refinery. While Carla is the music producer, John simply loves cars and understands everything about them. The Summer Race was created to celebrate the arrival of cars to the island and it shows who is the most skilled driver of all the gnomes of Chronos. Winning the Summer Race is a very important moment for the gnomes and its winner is always celebrated, even being entitled to a wish in the beach party! Win the race with the photovoltaic car to convince the leaders of the importance of solar energy.
  • The Autumn Leaders: Cassandra and Sally are the leaders of Autumn. Cassandra is a fashion designer, while Sally is a visual artist. Both discovered their passion after settling in Chronos. Cassandra is part of a DAO of meta-designers that constantly runs fashion shows on metaverse. And Sally likes to use all kinds of materials for her pieces of art, including Rick's solar panels, that were transformed by Sally and her artist collective into a piece of art. If you find the solar panels, you could take them to the clock and try to use them anyway...
  • The Winter Leaders: Andrea and Marcus, the Winter leaders, are the most caring couple of the island. They have the best fireplace and hot chocolate in Chronos. However, as they are psychiatrists, the couple maintains an asylum at their home in Winter. Currently the only patient is Rick, the scientist, who, according to them, needs to be hospitalized to stay away from the thermoelectric plant. However, Andrea is having so much fun with the music on her new smartphone that she doesn't hear Rick's arguments. And Marcus is so happy to have indoor heating, that he has been rigorous with the scientist's discharge.
  • Rick, the Scientist: Rick the scientist has been a troublesome person for the inhabitants of Chronos. He used to disrupt island parties to lecture on the problems of global warming. He has developed his clean energy equipment, but cannot convince the city to use it. If you need someone to install your solar panel, Rick is the man. Although he was admitted to the asylum, his cognitive abilities are well preserved.

The Objects

  • Rick's photovoltaic car: Rick's solar-powered car has been idle since his admission to the asylum. Citizens do not use it, claiming that it has less power than gasoline cars. Summer promotes the most interesting car races, and if you win with the photovoltaic car, you will teach an important lesson to the citizens of Chronos.