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The Island

Obscurity is an island with 2 suburbs: Known and Unknown. Unknown has 3 large collective parks - Clarchens Ballhaus, Doubtful Reserve, and Obscure Square - and Known has 1 - Foggy Fields. Scientists, philosophers, and historians live in Known, to research the mysteries of Unknown without being dragged into the underworld glitches. Unknown inhabitants, by its turn, are flooded by the mysteries and feed on the glitches bellow them. They are NFT degens with mystical feelings, driven by the shadowy side of force.

The Story

Obscurity is a shadowy island that was part of the Glitch Archipelago. Cluny and Ciel are very knowledgeable about the mysteries of glitches, and they were the ones who told me about glitch worms, missing parcels, and the relationship to the haunted undergrounds of Scarcity and Andromeda. The Isle of Obscurity emerged from excavations, made by Tilt or the Glitch Worms, while trying to escape the Void. Nobody knows for sure.

The Void is the first place built outside of the Voxels world, and from there all spaces come. All Voxels avatars have an intrinsic connection to the VOID and the inherent capacity of summoning spaces, that are copies of the real VOID, but with parcel boundaries. There, SELF decided to protect the world from dangerous yet beautiful creatures by locking them in this sprawling but isolated world. From time to time, SELF would hijack a parcel of the metaverse to feed the glitch worms inside the Void in order to keep them calm.

Ever since SELF distributed its Cube of Days and disappeared, the Glitch Worms became enraged and started looking for food. They dug the boundaries of the VOID so much that they built tunnels in Scarcity and Andromeda, which allowed the passage of the undead from the Underworld to the real world. The Scarcity gnomes found these worms, and managed to tame them and use them for the most different functions. Their skin, their flesh, and their blood have magical powers, which greatly helped in the development of the island.

The Glitch Archipelago was created after the glitch worms broke free from Scarcity's gnomes and headed closer to Fauna, where they could have protection from the animal druids that were there. Pepe the King and the other PFP animals decided that they would welcome the glitch worms and secretly protect them from the Scarcity gnomes. But the Glitch worm is a baby of the glitch fly and thus is quite hungry. Not holding back from hunger, the worms left Fauna and, seeing the beautiful buildings of Architect Island, ended up feeding on all the vox models, including the megavoxes, from an entire parcel. After SELF, Architects are the most powerful creatures in the world of Voxels, and they weren't satisfied with the invasion and destruction of their meta-builds.

The prime minister of Architect Island decided that the glitch worms would not be allowed to walk the island again. And they were expelled from the island and sent out to sea, within an architect design structure that keep them from leaving each other's sides, inside a beautiful geometrical pattern floor. The idea is that if they came back, they would have to come back inside the block and they would be noticed by the architects. It turned out that the area the worms were sent to was a glitch area of the world, and they were able to feed on the glitches of the dark waters and remain calm and together, as if they were an island. But do not be a fool, it is not a normal island, it is a special one, a unique one, alive. Currently, the island of worms, called Worm Glitch Island in the old days, has split into 3 islands of the Glitch Archipelago: Worm Glitch, Obscurity, and Coral Islands. Nowadays, Worm Glitch and Coral Islands had disappeared, and some people say it sinked in the ocean.

As I am a Philosopher, I would say that the cause of the separation of these islands is a mystery, but many say it was caused by Tilt, who was looking for the pieces of the Cube of Days that Atlantis People had told him about. Tilt, as an elder gnome and leader of the water faction, knowledgeable of ancient mysteries, knew of the existence of glitch worms, from his time in partnership with Anna, of the fire faction. Both hunted and used glitch worms to make armor, weapons, and magical instruments. They were the ones who told the others about the worms. Tilt knew exactly how to "mine" glitch worms to look for items. Probably, it was Tilt's search what divided the island into 3 smaller ones. The main island was worm-shaped and composed of worms in a very fractal fashion. It was called the Glitch Worm Island. On it, you could find the nicest glitch in the world: a natural passage to heart of the VOID. As it is probably sank in the deepest waters together with its sister Coral Island, this passage to the center of the VOID is not accessible.

Obscurity, the one that remained, is so called because many of its secret passages lead directly to the Underworld, the world of the dead within the Void. Unknown is one of its suburbs and the land of all the degens and mysteries that arise in the world. There, degens are not attacked by the undead, oracles, and witches, and they eat with them the lunch brought by the zombies. Worms, there, suffer a lot, because zombies and degens consume all the glitch around, so the worms starve. Known suburb is the place where all things known are kept as knowledge by the historians, archeologists, philosophers, and scientists of the world. They live there because they want to explore the frontiers of virtual reality. Some people say that you could find an answer to any question in Obscurity, but also that you can be lost in these answers. If you enter Obscurity, in the path to the Unknown, things are getting greyer, darker. The frontiers are thinner, and you can feel the shadowy aura of the environment and the necromancer magic in the air, spread by degens and dark faction gnomes that could get to the island, after Scarcity war went wrong for all factions.

Known and Unknown suburbs deal with the worms in a very different way. Known citizens feed the glitch worms and help them turn into flies. They feed these flies with the glitch trees that they have developed and therefore live happily with them. The flies pollinate the plants with the nicests glitches.The fruits are even better. The flies usually stay on the island to care for their worm babies, but lately there's been talk that they're also worried about the Unknown worms, who starve because of the degens degenerate consumption of glitches. There is something dangerous brewing and even the citizens must be prepared for the rage of the flies.

Unknown is known for being, supposedly, the place where Tilt found the largest part of the Cube of Days. The end of Tilt's days took place on this suburb. After finding the Cube of Days, Tilt was robbed by mercenaries and ended up falling off a cliff. His body was never found, but a tomb was built for him there and in Scarcity, and his crown was kept and exhibited as an homage by Pepe’s Ethereum Bank on Known suburb. Obscurity citizens, from Known and Unknown have a great business relationship. So they are worried. It seems the only way to avoid a tragedy is to find the Cube of Days found by Tilt and robbed from him, and take it to Obscurity, in order for both worms and zombies could have glitch energy to keep existing. The Cube of Days is very powerful, and any piece of it could provide glitch energy for centuries. To have a piece of the Cube of Days, for Obscurity People, would improve a lot their development and protect them from the flies' rage. The flies are reunited and will attack the degens, if their offspring dies. This would cause an national problem, given the commercial relations among the suburbs. Known produces all technology and has all the banks and investors, and Unknown has the primary products and spells. It is said that the Obscurity investors were the first to bring hotdog commerce to the island, which up to this day is imported from Andromeda Island.

VIDDA worked in one of these banks from Known when it heard about a place where a new glitch diamond, a piece of the cube of days, was being held. It was traded by Tilt’s crown, as it seems, and now it is locked somewhere. They did not share the diamond with Unknown people and maintain a fake copy of the crown in the exhibition. And while maintaining Unknown citizens fighting for glitch food, Known investors could profit by buying cheap primary products from Unknown and selling them expensive for Unknown citizens. VIDDA could find the piece of the cube of days and splited with equity among the islanders, in a way that Unknown worms could develop, the flies were satisfied, and it improved the distribution of wealth and well being among the people. Nobody could officially connect Pepe's Ethereum Bank to the case, but VIDDA knows there is something rotten in the air.

Everything seems alright now, but we should think about the future. The glitch flies are beautiful and spread glitches all over the place. With the growth of the flies, glitches will increase even more, and the thin passage with the Underground will be even thinner. Anubis is waiting. Underground is near. Has Anubis Tilt's Divine Crown? If he has, there are just 7 more to go.

The Characters

  • Known Scientist: The Known scientists are responsible on the island for investigating the Unknown's glitch frontiers. To avoid the magical and dark suburb of the degens, Known Scientists send robots and machines for their investigation. Their discoveries about the powers of glitches led to a great technological development of the suburb, leading to big investors to settle on the island. Pepe's Ethereum Bank was the first investor in the nascent science, and all new discoveries are said to be kept in the bank, safe. The scientists' latest discovery was a liquid capable of reducing lag, which is sold in the form of softgels by Pepe's Drugstore.

  • Known Philosopher: There are questions only investigated by philosophers, questions only answered by argument, not by experiment or calculation. They are the ones who investigate the truth of these questions, and they want to know about the real existence of SELF and its relationship with the ultimate constitution of virtual reality and the VOID. Philosophers fear neither degens nor suburb Unknown, but feast with them, sharing their own glitches. Philosophers are different from all other professionals in that they are drawn to glitches and sometimes their discussions produce deep glitches in reality. The philosophers' research is funded by visitors who tip their parcels on parcel page.

  • Degen: Degens are the dopest people from Obscurity. They know all about dark NFT projects, and they use all their glitch food to enter on virtual reality inside virtual reality. Their devices allow them to consume glitch food before the worms can feed, but they are planing to steal the piece of the cube of days, to be able to split this energy with the worms and undead.

  • Mystical Degen: Part of the dark mysteries dao inside Voxels, the mystical degens have a single mission: to find and put together all the pieces of the Cube of Days. The members from Obscurity are trying to find where Obscurity's part is located, to help their suburban friends, and to fulfill their mission. It is said that when the Cube of Days is reunited again, it will be able to restore balance.

  • Glitch Worm - No shell: This is the larva from the glitch worm, with no shell. These worms did not develop their shell because they are starving by lack of glitch food in Unknown suburb, in Obscurity Island. They are starving so much, that you can even see them trying to leave the floor pattern in which the architects imprisoned them. Help them and see them turning into glitch flies.

  • Security: Bob is a security guard at Pepe's Ethereum Bank. He came from Andromeda to Obscurity, after the suburb Known grew in resources and could afford the higher wages of the metaverse. However, Bob is unable to stay awake for more than 2 hours at work and is on the verge of being fired.

Pepe, Fauna’s King
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  • Pepe: Pepe, the King of Fauna, is also linked to the Scarcity Tales. Although cursed by the Cacti God to talk in jokes and riddles, for laughing at them, Pepe also robbed the Mindtron from the Scarcity gnomes and allowed to Fauna's non-druid animals to get consciousness. After that he was aclaimed as King of Fauna. Unfortunately, after some Uncle Bitcoin Pizza and some Godjuice party on LEP Empire, Pepe disappeared. Fauna is looking for his king.

The Objects

  • Obscurity Book: VIDDA worked in one of these banks from Known when it heard about a place where a new glitch diamond, a piece of the cube of days, was being held. It was traded by Tilt’s crown, as it seems, and now it is locked somewhere. They did not share the diamond with Unknown people and maintain a fake copy of the crown in the exhibition. And while maintaining Unknown citizens fighting for glitch food, Known investors could profit by buying cheap primary products from Unknown and selling them expensive for Unknown citizens. VIDDA could find the piece of the cube of days and splited with equity among the islanders. Nobody could officially connect Pepe's Ethereum Bank to the case, but VIDDA knows there is something rotten in the air.

  • Tombstone: The dead have a certain role in Obscurity. Their tombstone is a passage for the glitch worms to break free. You can find a them in the Dark Forest of Mysteries, and they are always a sign that the Underworld is near. This started to appear after Tilt's death, and the bad tongues say Tilt himself is trying to come back from the world of the dead. But does the carvings mean? Created by The Alchemist and branded by The Philosopher.

  • Dark Forest Gate: The gate to the dark forest is always heavily mossy, as if it hadn't been touched in years. It was built by the architect who founded Obscurity as a city, and who is now known as the Nameless Architect. He often wanders around the suburb he called "Unknown" and it is said that you can't see his face. This gate was given as a gift to the 8 Kings of Voxels and also to the King of the Underworld, Anubis. It stores every glitch inside the building it is placed in, and no one from Unknown knows why it appeared in Obscurity. Since then, one can see glitch problems popping up in the communal areas. Created by the Alchemist and story told by The Philosopher.

  • ATM Machine - Pepe's Ethereum Bank: You can withdraw your crypto with this ATM Machine, that works in every blockchain. You can also use it to make transactions, bridge assets and even deposit NFTs. Pepe's Ethereum Bank cares about your properties.

  • Science Table: This table has all the elements to produce the glitch serum and also has some of the serum produced. All Known Scientists know how to produce it, but this is only commercialized through Pepe's Pharmaceuticals and its capsules, in Obscurity Island. This serum has rejuvenation properties and allows the user to be free of lags.

  • A piece of the Cube of Days: After VIDDA found the largest piece of the Cube of Days in Obscurity and took it to Unknown citizens, the Degens decided to split it even more and distribute it to both suburbs, Known and Unknown, to VIDDA, and to its friends, who helped Obscurity citizens in this adventure. Any part of the Cube of Days gives glitch energy to survive lags, and it can be used to safely access the Underworld without being seen by the undead.