Origin City

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Origin City is the first island in the Cryptovoxels world. It was originally a space created in a void with a monochrome colour palette of black, white, and grey. Now it is surrounded by water and other islands around it. Players could purchase and use COLR tokens to add colour blocks to the world before this feature was retired.


A Mystery in Origin City

In addition to Voxels' own origin story, Origin City is full of mysteries. One of those days, I was organizing my new house, when the Lord of the Intermediate World, Nvllsekt, and the great underground gallerist, Shed Man, showed up there. Nvllsekt's three death ghosts were talking to me about the nature of life and death, when Shed expressed his interest in buying a specific parcel in Origin City, whose owner was called Moloch. Shed searched social media but found nothing about him.

After watching the documentary "The Cult of the Eye", learning of the existence of a user named Moloch, inactive for 4 months on Voxels, with no social networks available, smelled like a great adventure. I knew Origin City was marked by the occult and the sinister. And that its buildings hid terrible stories behind its beautiful architecture.

We investigated Moloch's Voxels profile, and I looked again for any related social networks. We didn't find anything. We then decided to teleport to the parcel that Shed was interested in. The parcel was empty, dark and gloomy. To go up the floors we had to fly and seeing was quite difficult. It was a good, very high parcel for Origin; but it really was a little dull to explore it empty like that.

We were on our way out when I thought I saw an unexplored entrance, beyond the supposed top floor. I wondered whether or not to explore that other room, but since I was there to investigate, why not? And what was my surprise when I noticed that, there were a video and a sign in that secret floor. On the board was written something about a meta-clue #9, or something like that. I don't really remember what the clue was, but I know it had to do with the music in the video. You have to go by yourself to see it.

After that, we were really excited about the investigation we were doing, and we decided to continue exploring Origin City. Along the way, we ran into someone who seemed to be known to Nvllsekt. They said something in a secret language and this friend told us to go north. There was a lot more than I thought to be discovered in Origin. Who was that person? Why is going north important? Too many unanswered questions for me. But we are going to unravel this mystery.

With the flea of ​​curiosity bouncing around in my head, we headed north. We entered many buildings and explored a lot, until we found the clue #1. The building was colorful, with shades of purple, and had a Korean vibe. Was Moloch Korean? I would never have guessed that there would be a clue there. We went in just to walk around and see the amount of things in the building, and we ended up coming across another part of our investigation.

Who would Moloch be? Where do these clues take us? Is there a prize at the end? Who made this game? Will we discover the truth in the end? Thousands of questions, a lot of curiosity, but in my time zone it was already 3 am, and I had to work the next day. So I said goodbye to Shed and Nvllsekt, and I teleported to my new home in Origin City, where I would sleep for my first night. I haven't finished moving and I didn't even have a bed yet, but sleeping on this island, knowing the mystery that awaits us, was just amazing.

Here we found the first clue: https://www.voxels.com/play?coords=NW@381E,125S&distance=50

[to be continued...]