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The Story

Once upon a time, in a very distant kingdom, called Candyland, all citizens lived a life of happiness, harmony, and sugar, until some zombie gnomes from Scarcity began to invade the island. Zombies are dangerous creatures as contact with them can transmit their magical disease and cause everyone to become a zombie.

William, the wizard, warned the witches of the Witchcraft Center that they would have to make a dangerous potion to cure the zombie gnomes, made with the deepest colors, the most primary ones. Blue to calm down and bring out all blue feelings; yellow to enlightenment and good thoughts; and pink to make the blood flow again in the gnomes' veins.

This is a dangerous potion for two reasons: building the potions of each color requires distilling the colors at very high temperatures; and the mix of the 3 colors needs to be exact, to have the effect of healing the zombies - any different mix can cause other effects.

There was, however, no other way for Candyland to get rid of the zombies other than trying to craft the potions. And so the witches began to stir in their cauldron. Every Candyland inhabitant brought their deepest colors to help. Only the first kings of Candyland and their son and daughter didn't help, for since before the island was minted, they lived in Vantablack Castle, where there were no other colors than true black and white.

The witches danced around the cauldron, recited the magic words, and began the distilling process. Three deep colors would be distilled, but the high temperature broke the still and the colors flew away in the form of fog. It rained candies for an entire week after this. The fog passed over all parts of the island, removing the bright colors from all objects and people in the city. That's how Candyland became Pastel.

The fog spread across the island and split into primary colors, creating three main areas in the city: Strawberry Sands, Daffodil Dunes, and Forget-Me-Not Forest. All the grown ups who lived in these areas were mentally affected, and now they spend their days daydreaming. Pastel is then dealing with both the zombies and the daydreamers.

The witches managed to follow the fog and build the color potions anyway. So, from the potions, they produced a serum to cure the zombies, but the amount is very limited, as they ended up losing several potions they had made, because they got confused, when they passed through the fog. Currently, everyone who isn't a daydreamer or a zombie is looking for the potions. Everybody knows, however, that there are 3 potions, one from each color, in the Vantablack Castle. But the main problem is that Vantablack Castle is locked, and the only way to open it is to get a colr key. This is hard because colr keys are very rare, and only OG Voxels Citizens have it.

The Princesses of the two colors and the Pastel Queen said that there are some colr tokens hidden around Pastel, and they are looking for it to help the Vantablack siblings. It seems the Dark Atlantis decided to hide these tokens, afraid that the witches would keep producing potions. Since the adults are daydreaming and the unzombie potions are not being made at the center, pollution really reduced in the ocean, and it improved the quality of life of all sea beings.

If one finds the the colr key, one can use it to open the Vantablack Castle, that is locked for a long time, because the Vantablack siblings cannot find the seed phrase for their parents' wallet, where their own colr key is located. Whoever enters will be able to help them to make the magic of colors they are trying do make, in order to awake their parents. Their parents are in a deep sleep since they had no colors to protect them from the fog. And all they want is to have their parents back, even if they daydream a little. They have 3 color potions and they are willing to share them with the witches whenever they are able to build their magic, with 1 click in each potion. The problem here is that their mouse pad is corrupted, and they need someone to help them to click the potions, and nobody can enter because the castle is locked with a colr key.

VIDDA was walking around Pastel and decided to help. It was its first motivated decision after receiving its piece of the cube of days. VIDDA understood how sad it was to have sleeping and absent families, and it decided to find the colr key, save Vantablack's grown ups, and take the potions to the witches. The witches could make the potions to unzombie the zombies and to completely awake the grown ups, with the help of VIDDA to use a waste recycling mechanism to not damage the ocean, the Dark Atlantis, and all sea beings. Will you help VIDDA to complete its quest? Bring colors to Vantablack Castle and save Pastel!

Start the mini-game here (May 14th-21st):,3934N

Watch the promotional video here:

200 POAPs delivered for the first 200 people to visit the game and the island.

Visit the Pastel Castle (old Vantablack Castle): [token gated parcel - token at the door]

Pepe on Pastel Island

Pepe's story isn't very pretty, and I only found out about it after everything had already happened. After Pepe robbed the Mindtron from the Scarcity gnomes and allowed to Fauna animals to get consciousness, he was claimed as King of Fauna. His reign was always one of many parties watered with godjuice and everyone loved him. However, at the feast of the Cacti gods in Pastel, then called Candyland, he was cursed by them to talk in jokes and riddles, for laughing about their clothes in the middle of Zeus' speech. Since then, Pepe has been grumpy.

A beautiful summer day, after some Bitcoin Pizza in a godjuice party on LEP Empire, Pepe disappeared. Fauna has been looking for his king ever since. But what the people don't know is that Pepe disappeared of his own will, to carry out his plan to convince the cacti gods to free him from the curse.

His plan was not beautiful at all. And it was all inspired by the encounter he had with Necro at the party where he disappeared. Necro told him about his apprenticeship in the arts of life and death, and that he had resurrected his wife. He had made a grimoire of death spells and said he would use all his knowledge to take over Scarcity Island. If Necro could take Scarcity with his undead, Pepe could take Candyland too and have the cacti gods lift their curse. So Necro and Pepe drank godjuice until they couldn't take it anymore, and Pepe shipped Necro back to Scarcity with the desire to return to the Underworld, and without his grimoire.

The book exerted a profound power over Pepe, who wanted more and more to use it. Pepe didn't come back to the party that day; he said he was looking for his crown, and hid under the Church of VIDDA - the old Altar of Sacrifice - to study the dark mysteries. For years, he self-taughtly studied how to bring the dead to attack the living and how to make the dead return to the Underworld.

With his rich resources in his ledger, Pepe bought land in Pastel and built a store to serve as a hiding place for his secret plan. He surreptitiously introduced Pastel's first zombie, who began to transform the citizens. The witches rushed to make the potion, but Pepe swapped the witches' alchemical still for a regular scientific still. We all know how that ended. The still broke, and that spread the fog across Pastel, which made adults to daydream. The island was exactly as Pepe wanted it, ready to be ruled by him. And the cacti gods and the children were all ready to ask for his solution to the zombie problem. But VIDDA was passing by and decided to help the children, who were playing alone, without their parents, who were daydreaming in front of the TV. VIDDA found the colr key, entered Vantablack Castle and helped Ashes create the Magic of Color. They invoked the mystical button and brought colors to the castle, waking up all the adults. Ashes took the potions to the witches, who developed a cure for the zombies, and VIDDA took the filter to the witchcraft center, to prevent pollution in the potion's production. Nobody ever knew about Pepe's plans and neither about his responsibility in the transformation of the island.

Pepe wasn't happy about all this, and you might find him in Pastel, planning something else for the future. For now, Pastel is safe. For now...

Visit Pepe's Suspicious Store:


  • Susan, the witch: Susan is one of the sisters that manage the Witchcraft Center. She was the one who developed the Fog, with the strong colors of the old Candyland, now Pastel. She uses the Fog to produce a Serum, which has many uses, but the main one is to unzombie the zombies of any kind. Cousin Blue Fairy uses it to animate objects. And sister Vera just love pastel colors!
  • Vera, the witch: Vera, the Witch, is one of the sisters managing the Witchcraft Center. In that center, they started an experiment that removed the strong colors from the entire island and squeezed them in the Fog. Now, there is a colorful fog in the city, spread in primary colors, the essence of the old Candy Land. Vera in fact like the nowadays Pastel; it reminds her the old days from Origin City. And the Fog has important life properties that are being studied by Pastel magicians and scientists. It is a well known fact that the Blue Fairy - Vera's cousin - used the Fog on Pinocchio.
  • The Blue Fairy: Cousin of the Pastel witches, the Blue Fairy left Candyland to help Pinocchio before the bright colors faded. Her knowledge of colored fogs is very strong and she knows how to extract the most interesting colors and effects from the mixtures. Her wand gives her a natural resistance to the confusing effects of the fog. And now she is in the island to help her cousins. Follow the Blue Fairy to find the fog.
  • Ruth, The Pastel Queen: Ruth was made by Bitpixi to be the queen of the entire island. She has the Balloon of Secondary Color, and this balloon can take her anywhere in the world in a second. For sure, you will see her everywhere (she is in the asset library): she was the first person to get to the Vaporwave Mall, to the Witchcraft Center and to the Strawberry Candy beaches. Does she know the whereabouts of the colr tokens?
  • Andrea, the Pink Princess - Strawberry Sands: Princess from Strawberry Sands, Andrea created some flying companions to help her in the adventure of getting the colr token, to open the Vantablack Castle and wake up the grown ups that are daydreaming through Pastel. Her flying companions can sense the colr tokens, and together with the Blue Princess, and the Pastel Queen, they will find them.
  • Aurora, The Blue Princess - Forget Me Not Forest: With the power of the candy trees from Forget Me Not Forest on her wand, Aurora is looking for her parents. Since the colors went to the skies, all grown ups have been daydreaming like regular zombies. So she wants to get to the Vaporwave Mall to see if she can find the mints of color and get the colors back to reality.
  • Queen Vantablack - Awake: Queen of Vantablack Castle, Bianca is the oldest woman on the island. She arrived at the Castle before the rest of the island was minted, at a time when there were no colors unless you had the colr token. She was one of the first people to acquire this object, which is her house key. Mother of two siblings: Grey and Ashes.
  • Queen Vantablack - Sleeping: Queen of Vantablack Castle, Bianca fell into a deep sleep as the fog washed away the city's bright colors. As Vantablack was colorless, the effect of the fog was strongest on the adults in the castle, who, instead of daydreaming, were actually sleeping. It's not the first time she's fallen into a deep sleep. It is said that in her teens, she ate a witch's apple, with a really sedating effect.
  • Ashes, the prince of the Vantablack Castle: From the books of the old Alexandria Library, Ashes could find a spell to wake up the grown ups even without the strong colors. This magic is deep and will bring pastel colors to the Vantablack Castle. But, for this to happen, he will have to use secondary and terciary color clothes, he will have to find the potion of zombieness and some pastel colr token! Will you help him?
  • Grey, the Princess of Vantablack Castle: This is the Princess of Vantablack Castle, the most OG place in the entire island. The Castle was there before the island was minted, signaling the location of the future island. The first kings of Pastel, Grey's parents, lived there, but since they are daydreaming, Grey locked herself inside, and she only opens if you bring the potions of colors, for her to get colr token. She believes the colr token could save their parents.
  • The Dark Atlantis: The Dark Atlantis of Pastel is a group of gender-neutral sea beings who want the fog to reach the sea, to save them from the pollution caused by the wastes of the Witchcraft Center's experiments. They hope the fog is thick enough for its colors to stop the waste. They won't help the citizens of the island to get the colors back, given that, since the adults are day-dreaming, the pollution has significantly decreased.
  • William, the Wizard: He is known all over Pastel for being pastel way before the strong colors disappeared. His stick can summon awesome candy and chocolate bars, but only with the right magical words. Since he started to daydream, he cannot remember even the simplest abracadabra.
  • Musical Flamingo: If you find a musical flamingo, you can ask him/her to tell you a story, and s/he will tell you everything about the old tales from Fauna and Flora, and about how a large part of the flamingos became almost colorless in the waters of Pastel.
  • Unicorn Soldier: These unicorns are soldiers from Pastel since the strong colors were blown away. They gathered together and built an army, offering their services to protect the colors that have left. Their spear can summon rainbow clouds, one of the last sources of natural colors beyond the fog.
  • Pepe, the King of Fauna: Pepe, the King of Fauna, is also linked to the Scarcity Tales. Although cursed by the Cacti God to talk in jokes and riddles, for laughing at them, Pepe also robbed the Mindtron from the Scarcity gnomes and allowed to Fauna's non-druid animals to get consciousness. After that he was aclaimed as King of Fauna. Unfortunately, after some Uncle Bitcoin Pizza and some Godjuice party on LEP Empire, Pepe disappeared. Fauna is looking for his king.


  • Pastel Antidote: After VIDDA and the Vantablack children took the color potions to the Pastel witches, they managed to produce one pot of antidote for the zombies. Fortunately it was enough for the entire island and there was still left over. They gave the rest to VIDDA, as a gift, in case it needed to help other islands. VIDDA keeps this potion with it to this day, as a memento of the day it was able to help the children of Pastel reconnect with their parents.
  • Pastel COLR Coin: Based on the original $COLR vox model from Origin City in 2018 when the world went from black and white to purchasing vibrant colors (true story!), but this time the colors are muted and soft. Does this key hold the same powers to turn a black and white place into color again?
  • Pastel Book: Once upon a time, in a very distant kingdom, called Candyland, all citizens lived a life of happiness, harmony, and sugar, until some zombie gnomes from Scarcity began to invade the island. The witches started to produce a potion with the deepest colors in order to heal the zombies, but the distilling process broke the still and the colors flew away in the form of fog. It rained candies for an entire week after this. The fog passed over all parts of the island, removing the bright colors from all objects and people in the city. That's how Candyland became Pastel. Grown ups became daydreamers and the Vantablack King and Queen became full sleepers. VIDDA was around and helped Vantablack kids to make the magic of colors, to wake their parents up, and to take the remaining potion to the witches, for them to save all Pastel citizens.
  • The Book of Colr: Bitpixi + Rye's Relics here. I'm airdropping this Collectible not for work, but as a fan of Cryptovoxels, mainly to the holders of $COLR. I was not there from the beginning, but here is a review from an OG: "COLR started with a lot of promise it was actually an amazing utility coin. It was a black and white world and only those with some flexing cash had color. If you had a full color build you stood out. Problem was, people valued full color and full utility coming with their parcel more than they did the COLR token's utility. Now, if you want to stand out you just blow up some object super big and launch it in the sky. I'd personally value trollish behavior a lot more if the troll actually paid for the right to do it. But when you look at old pictures of CV, colored parcels were few and far between and when you were in world, they drew you to them. The Pepe museum, the Nyan cat building, the Super Mario building, all first buildings in Origin to be built in full color and for a long time they were the only colored buildings and they really stood out and everyone loved visiting them for that reason. A district with color was a neighborhood you wanted to own in because it was a sign that your neighbors were really invested and showed pride of ownership. Anyways, that was my 2 cents on COLR. I actually was in favor of discontinuing it because I wanted to build what i could imagine on all my parcels without having to budget COLR. But I think that it definitely helped create a vibe that was special and definitely worked for what I think it's original vision was." - Devil @EvilVoxels
  • All potions, the colr coin (colr key), and the colr key were created by Bitpixi and the Pastel Book was created by The Philosopher.