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Privacy Policy

Any content you add or any change that you make to VoxelsLore.com will be publicly and permanently available.

Our community of volunteer editors and contributors is a self-policing body. Certain administrators of VoxelsLore.com use tools that grant them limited access to nonpublic information about recent contributions so they may protect Voxels Lore and enforce policies.

For the protection of Voxels Lore and other users, if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you may not use VoxelsLore.com.

Your Public Contributions

Whatever you post on VoxelsLore.com can be seen and used by everyone.

When you make a contribution to Voxels Lore, including on user or discussion pages, you are creating a permanent, public record of every piece of content added, removed, or altered by you. The page history will show when your contribution or deletion was made, as well as your username (if you are signed in) or your IP address (if you are not signed in).

Account Information & Registration

You need to create an account to use VoxelsLore.com.

Want to create an account? Great! Don't want to create an account? No problem!

If you want to create a standard account, in most cases we require only a username and a password. However, if you choose not to provide an email address, we can't help you recover your password.


Sometimes, we automatically receive location data from your device. For example, if you want to upload a photo on the Wikimedia Commons mobile app, we may receive metadata, such as the place and time you took the photo, automatically from your device. Please be aware that, unlike location information collected using GPS signals, the default setting on your mobile device typically includes the metadata in your photo or video upload to VoxelsLore.com. If you do not want metadata sent to us and made public at the time of your upload, please change your settings on your device.

IP Addresses

Finally, when you visit VoxelsLore.com, we automatically receive the IP address of the device (or your proxy server) you are using to access the Internet, which could be used to infer your geographical location.

To Protect You, Ourselves & Others

We, or users with certain administrative rights, use and disclose Personal Information that is reasonably necessary to:

enforce or investigate potential violations of VoxelsLore.com or community-based policies; protect our organization, infrastructure, employees, contractors, or the public; or prevent imminent or serious bodily harm or death to a person. We do so to manage our relationship with you, to further our legitimate interest, and/or to comply with our legal obligations.

We, or particular users with certain administrative rights as described below, need to use and share your Personal Information if it is reasonably believed to be necessary to enforce or investigate potential violations of our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy, or any Wikimedia Foundation or user community-based policies. We may also need to access and share Personal Information to investigate and defend ourselves against legal threats or actions.

VoxelsLore.com is collaborative, with users holding certain administrative rights. These rights may include access to limited amounts of otherwise nonpublic information about recent contributions and activity by other users. They use this access to help protect against vandalism and abuse, fight harassment of other users, and generally try to minimize disruptive behavior on VoxelsLore.com. We agree to follow our Access to Nonpublic Information Policy. Administrative groups are accountable to other users through a logged history of their actions. However, the legal names of these users are not known to VoxelsLore.com.

We hope that this never comes up, but we may disclose your Personal Information if we believe that it's reasonably necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm or death to a person, or to protect our organization, employees, contractors, users, or the public. We may also disclose your Personal Information if we reasonably believe it necessary to detect, prevent, or otherwise assess and address potential spam, malware, fraud, abuse, unlawful activity, and security or technical concerns.

Because You Made It Public

Information that you post is public and can be seen and used by everyone.

Any information you post publicly on VoxelsLore.com is just that – public. For example, if you put your mailing address on your talk page, that is public, and not specifically protected by this Policy. And if you edit without registering or logging into your account, your IP address will be seen publicly. Please think carefully about your desired level of privacy before you disclose Personal Information on your user page or elsewhere.

How Do We Protect Your Personal Information?

We use a variety of physical and technical measures, policies, and procedures to help protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

We strive to protect your Personal Information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We use a variety of physical and technical measures, policies, and procedures (such as access control procedures, network firewalls, and physical security) designed to protect our systems and your Personal Information. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as completely secure data transmission or storage, so we can't guarantee that our security will not be breached (by technical measures or through violation of our policies and procedures).

We will never ask for your password by email (but may send you a temporary password via email if you have requested a password reset). If you ever receive an email that requests your password, please let us know by sending it to info [at] voxelslore.com, so we can investigate the source of the email.

Please remember that when you make a contribution to any Wikimedia Site, the page history will show when your contribution was made, your username (if you are signed in), or your IP address (if you edit while not logged in). The transparency of the projects' contribution and revision histories is critical to their efficacy and trustworthiness.

Your rights

Please note also that you may be able to exercise some of these rights without our intervention. For example, if you are a registered user, you can access and update some Personal Information in your Preferences, as well as download your user account data. You may also manage what kinds of notifications you receive and how often you receive them by going to your Notifications Preferences.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Because things naturally change over time and we want to ensure our Privacy Policy accurately reflects our practices and the law, it may be necessary to modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. We reserve the right to do so.

We ask that you please review the most up-to-date version of our Privacy Policy. Your continued use of VoxelsLore.com after any subsequent version of this Privacy Policy constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy on your part.

Thank You!

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. We hope you enjoy using VoxelsLore.com and appreciate your participation in creating, maintaining, and constantly working to improve the largest repository of Voxels Lore in the world.

Please note that in the event of any differences in meaning or interpretation between the original English version of this Privacy Policy and a translation, the original English version takes precedence.